The Goolarri Media Music Department offers support and assistance to new, emerging and established Indigenous musicians whilst acting as a resource base for information and administration support.


Goolarri also undertakes ongoing workshops for musicians and artists from around the Kimberley, providing music performance development and business and management knowledge. In addition, Goolarri Music has partnerships with state and national industry stakeholders to focus on the development, distribution and rights of Indigenous musicians and their works, highlighting activities under four main components – professional development, marketing and promotion, resources and industry development.


Through Goolarri Media’s Indigenous Contemporary Music Strategy, we are determined to support Indigenous musicians and to the development of a sustainable industry throughout the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The Music Department offers support, resources, business advice, marketing, promotion and distribution opportunities including a range of other services and activities in support of our extraordinary Indigenous talent.


In addition, Goolarri’s events venues and event project management capabilities offer Indigenous musicians an opportunity to perform on a professional stage whilst gaining valuable exposure to an audience of community members, visitors and tourists.


Check out our past and upcoming events on this site and find out how you can apply to perform as a solo artist or part of a band. For further information you can contact Reception, via email at or phone (08) 9195 5333.


Artists on the Album Include:

Patrick Davies

Danny Marr

Sylvia Clarke

Stephen Pigram

Lorrae Coffin

Kevin Gunn

Wayne Barker

Jimmy Chi

Jim Lewis

Mark Bin Bakar

Lindsay Cox

Pauline Bin Sali

Ashley Oobagooma

Denise Cox



The producer would especially like to thank Kerryn Tolhurst for sharing his musical knowledge and inspiration and all the session musicans used on this recording, Patrick “Dutto” Bin Amat, Tim Weddie, Chris Haigh, Tahnee Carrie, Philip Pigram, Guy Ghouse, Frankie Macale, Jen Anderson, Francis Cox, Paul Underwood, Duncan Campbell, Stella Puertollano, David Pigram and Ian Grandage. Thanks also to Corrinna Martin who helped get the project rolling.


Executive Production: Goolarri Media Enterprises Pty Ltd

Project Management: Scrap Metal Pty Ltd

Photography: Jalaru

Layout & Artwork: Goolarri Media

Mastering: Pro-Copy – Liam Collins


Produced & Mixed by Alan Pigram

Except “Where I B’Long”, “Let the River Run” & “Shut the Window” Co-Produced by Kerryn Tolhurst

All Tracks recorded at Pearl Shell Studio, Broome , March-June 1998, on 24 Track Digital Equipment supplied by Goolarri Media

This recording π 1998, Goolarri Media Enterprises PTY LTD, PO Box 2708, Broome WA 6725



In 1997 the Broome Aboriginal Media Association formed Goolarri Media Enterprises Pty Ltd as a means of attaining self sufficiency through the commencement of operation in the media and arts industries.


This was the first recording on the Goolarri Music Label, made possible by funding from the Department of Culture and the Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts.


The Kimberley Region in the north-west of Australia has, because of its isolation, always had its share of untapped musical talent. We hope that this recording exposes to the world some of the many fine singers and songwriters from the region.




Tracks on the Album are:

Shut The Window 3:31

The River 4:15

Make A Move 3:34

Where I Belong 4:09

Free Diving 3:44

Anywhere In The Kimberley 4:41

In My Country 4:44

Let The River Run 3:34

The March Of Man 4:57

Corroboree People 3:24

Do It All Again 4:38

Vision 5:22

Larinyuwar Man 3:08

Bluewater Calling 3:27


Stephen "Baamba" Albert's debut album Baad  is ready for release on March 1, 2015. Baad is a compilation of songs that Baamba has made his own over a career of 40 years in music, theatre and the arts.