What’s On

Broome Senior High School NAIDOC celebrations

Monday 21st – Friday 25th June

Phone: (08) 9195 3100

Time: 8am – 2pm

Venue: Broome Senior High School

Week of activities held by the school to celebrate NAIDOC. Please contact Broome Senior High School for more information.

Reconciliation Walk

Friday 25th June

Phone: (08) 9194 9999

Time: 9am to 9.30am

Venue: Departs corner of Short Street and Dampier Terrace

The 2021 Kullarri NAIDOC Reconciliation Walk marks the commencement of NAIDOC activities in the Kullarri region. This short walk brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, local schools and Indigenous organisations to show their support of reconciliation in modern Australia.

Opening Ceremony

Friday 25th June

Phone: (08) 9194 9999

Time: 9:30am to 10.30am

Venue: Behind the Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral, 34 Weld St

The Reconciliation Walk culminates in the official Opening Ceremony on the shady lawns of the Broome Cathedral. Be greeted by Traditional Owners, learn about the achievements, of our local people, listen to local school choirs and watch Indigenous performers showcase various aspects of local Indigenous culture.

A Taste of Broome, Music and Picture Show

Friday 25th June

Phone: (08) 9194 9999

Time: 5:00pm to 10.00am

Venue: Goolarri Media Enterprises Amphitheatre, 3-7 Blackman Street

In 2021, the festival will begin with the renowned Music and Picture Show. This year’s show will encapsulate the essence of Broome’s vibrant culture and history, providing festival goers with the full ‘Broome experience’. Held on Friday evening, this event will feature musical performances from local artists, Nurlu contemporary and traditional dance and local multi-cultural cuisine, resulting in a night of discovery for tourists and nostalgia for locals.


A Taste of Broome, Cultural & Community Events, KIPAS

Saturday 26th June

Phone: (08) 9194 9999

Time: 12:00pm to 11.00pm

Venue: Goolarri Media Enterprises Amphitheatre, 3-7 Blackman Street

The Saturday will be filled with a variety of community and cultural events such as the Mud and Salt Water Film Festival, Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus, Yawuru cultural experiences, Mabu Buru tours and a unique Kimberley cooking experience. The day’s festivities will be capped off with a celebration of regional Indigenous music with the KIPAS music night rocking out under the full moon. Throughout all the fun, we will have the street in front of the venue closed to traffic and opened up as a street market of food and arts and crafts.



Broome North Primary School NAIDOC celebrations

Monday 28th June – 2nd July

Phone: (08) 9195 3000

Time: events throughout the week

Venue: Broome North Primary School, Tanami Drive, Broome North

A week of celebrations to acknowledge NAIDOC and the Indigenous leaders in our community, this is done by involving the students in activities. Please contact Broome North Primary for further information



Cable Beach Primary School NAIDOC celebrations

Monday 28th June – 2nd July

Phone: (08) 9194 7300

Time: 8:10 am – 9am

Venue: Cable Beach Primary School, Dakas St, Broome

Cable Beach Primary School will be having a week of activities ready for their students to enjoy for NAIDOC. Please contact Cable Beach Primary School for further information.



Roebuck Primary School NAIDOC celebrations

Monday 28th June – 2nd July

Phone: (08) 9192 3377

Time: 8:00am – 2:00pm

Venue: Roebuck Primary School, Crn Spoonbill Ave and Sanderling

Week filled with fun activities to celebrate NAIDOC as a school community. Please contact Roebuck Primary School for further information.




Tuesday 29th June

Phone: (08) 9192 6500

Time: 4pm to 8pm

Venue: PCYC, 4 Scott Street, Broome WA 6725

This will be a family event held at PCYC to celebrate culture and resilience. There will be a number of stations set up on the night so that we can engage the youth and their families with fun and cultural focussed events, such as painting, braiding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bracelets, face painting and sharing why culture is important to them through paintings, as well as showing a cultural movie on a big screen and have different sports events running.



Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation Open Day Activities

Thursday 1st July

Phone: (08) 9193 6502

Time: 10am – 2pm

Venue: Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation, 28 Barker St, Broome WA 6725

KSGAC will hold an event to provide a safe environment for our clients/members/elders to come along and enjoy the day filled with activities not only around the 2021 NAIDOC theme ‘Heal Country’ but also in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation.



 SSJG Heritage Centre NAIDOC Carnival

Friday 2nd July

Phone: 0428 692 993

Time: 9am to 12pm

Venue: SSJG Heritage Centre, 9 Barker Street

The Heritage Centre will showcase the history of the Aboriginal people in the Kimberley through relationships developed with the Sisters of St John of God since 1907. Enjoy a tour of the Relationships Exhibition with local guides, experience the digital collection & hear stories & memories of those who grew up around Broome and the SSJG Sisters. Visit displays by the Catholic Education Office, Centacare, Far North Community Services, Our Mob as First Educators, & Boab Health Services to learn about their programs. Kimberley Authentic Artists will also be painting in the grounds. We have entertainment by local musicians and storytellers sharing local history, languages and culture. See the benefits of coming together to share & discover the importance of this site to the local people.
Light refreshments provided & all are welcome.



UNDA 2021 NAIDOC celebrations

Friday 2nd July

Organisation: The University of Notre Dame

Time: 8:00am – 12:00pm

Venue: The University of Notre Dame, 88 Guy St, Broome WA 6725

NAIDOC event from the University of Notre Dame, come join us as we celebrate and acknowledge the beginnings of NAIDOC celebrations everywhere.



Kullarri NAIDOC Awards Presentation

Saturday 3rd July

Phone: (08) 9194 9999

Time: 7:00 – 11:00pm

Venue: Goolarri Media Enterprises Gimme Club 3-7 Blackman St

This event allows us to recognise and acknowledge the hard work of people in our communities and show our gratitude to them as they continue to strive making our community better for everyone.

Live entertainment provided by Footprince!


Free entry, but booking essential.


Focus Organisation Award

Kimberley Stolen Generation

Kullarri NAIDOC Patron

Sam Lovell

Community Engagement Award

Michael Carter

Volunteer of the Year

Desarae Sibosado

Contribution to Education Award

Ken Molyneux

Contribution to Health

Vicki O’Donnell

Contribution to Arts and Media Award

Jub Clerc

Contribution to Art and Culture Award

Mervyn Mulardy Jnr

Community Leadership Award

Maureen (MY) Yanawana

Reconciliation Award

Cassandra Gilbert

Young Person of the Year Award

Khan John

Elder of the Year Award

Geraldine Shadforth

Person of the Year Award

Merilee Lands

Certificate of Excellence

Rocky McKenzie

Missa Terra Spiritus Sancti

Sunday 4th July

Phone: (08) 9193 5888

Time: 9am to 2pm

Venue: Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral, 32 Weld Street

It’s a day of pray and worship celebrating the Missa Terra Spiritus Sancti – Mass of the Land of the Holy Spirit formerly known as the Missa Kimberley on ASTI Sunday, this is a significant day in the catholic church’s calendar to celebrate and include our aboriginal culture and spirituality through song and dance, with our cultural practices that are sacred to aboriginal people, as the church recognises.

Here in Broome this day is celebrated by our parish priests, community members not only from the Broome area but members from Bidyadanga and others community members from nearby communities join in the celebrations. This is followed by a Morning Tea of sharing stories of Aboriginal spiritualty and faith journey with non-aboriginal visitors.

The Yawuru language is included in the Mass in prayer and song, dance is also included in bringing up the Gospel and Offerings with the appropriate dress (significant cultural attire). This celebration is also accompanied by the sound of the didgeridoo, clapping sticks and boomerangs. A ‘Special Water Blessing’ by Yawuru people.

This Mass is for all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples, young and old.

Cultural Connection Healing Through Food

Wednesday 7th July

Organisation: Helping Minds

Contact: jarred.franey@helpingminds.org.au

Time: 8:00am – 1:00pm

Venue: Broome Recovery Centre, Corner Saville and Forrest Street

Enjoy a delicious, hands-on experience
as you learn how to make Damper. Relax
by the fire while sharing food and stories
with others. This is a safe space to have
a yarn and connect with others.

Registration essential:


Yagarrmabulanyji Jarndunil – (women coming together)

Thursday 8th July

Organisation: Nyamba Buru Yawuru

Phone: (08) 9192 9600

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Venue: Gabunyanya – Crab Creek

2021 will bring together women in a place of women dreaming – Gabunyanya, during the season of the Barrgarna. To experience the rich living culture of customary practices in accordance with practices of introducing Yawuru language, lore and culture and keeping the living theme of ‘Healing Country’.

Visitors to Yawuru buru will listen, feel, and hear the gentle sounds of the Yawuru spirit as they are welcomed into the country. Knowing the reconnection to the spiritual land through bugarrigarra and sharing of these ancient stories. Yagarrmabulanyji Jarndunil will introduce the concept of Mabu Liyan during these cultural events on country. The day will also involve damper making, sandal making from bark and saltwater fishing.

This is a women only event


Healing Candle Making

Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th July

Phone: 0499 330 708

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Venue: 1/12 Gregory Street, Broome WA 6725

Nagula Jarndu will provide 2 lots of candles making workshops that run for 2 hours each where we teach people to make a red, yellow and black candle scented with healing essential oils that celebrates Healing Country. The candles will have a NAIDOC sticker designed by one of our artists. We will also provide afternoon/morning tea. The candles will be taken home by the participants.



Beagle Bay activities

Thursday 8th and Friday 9th July

Phone: (08) 9192 4114

Venue: Beagle Bay Community


The students from Kindy to Year 10 will take part in class cultural activities over two days. The activities provided by our Aboriginal teacher Assistants will have relevance to Nyul; Nyul culture. There will be links to the environment (hunting/fishing) and to the students’ family stories, language, art, song and dance. We will hold Market Night where families join us at school for shared meals prepared by the community and this will be followed by the children’s’ concert for the families.

They will then have a Family Beach Fun Day at a local beach where the families will participate in games, fishing and the school will provide for shared lunch together.

On Country Fishing Comp Bidyadanga

Thursday 8th and Friday 9th July

Organisation: Nyamba Buru Yawuru

Phone: (08) 9192 4885

Venue: Bidyadanga Community


The event will be held on Country to promote and celebrate the ongoing connection, good liyarn and importance that healthy country creates for us.  We want to ensure the value and messages we have for country will be passed onto the next generation.  We need to let Country know we value and care for it.

For information on how our local schools and training centres are further celebrating NAIDOC for the immediate community please contact them directly:

Broome Primary School  (08) 9194 7500

Broome North Primary School (08) 9195 3000

Broome Senior High School (08) 9195 3100

Cable Beach Primary School  (08) 9194 7300

Roebuck Primary School (08) 9192 3377

St Mary’s College (Primary) (08) 9194 9560

North Regional TAFE1300 996 573

For information on how our remote communities are celebrating NAIDOC please contact the following communities directly:

Ardyaloon One Arm Point (08) 9192 4930

Beagle Bay (08) 9192 4114

Bidyadanga La Grange (08) 9192 4885

Djarindjin (08) 9192 4940

Lombadina (08) 9192 4936