is an Australian Indigenous owned and managed content production company, based in Broome, Western Australia.  We specialise in telling Indigenous stories through an Indigenous lens and pride ourselves on training and developing Indigenous filmmakers.  Our main focus is documentary, but have also produced drama and children’s content.

Ramu is committed in fostering young and emerging Indigenous media practitioners and strives to provide opportunities to Indigenous practitioners to develop their skills, allowing them to tell Indigenous stories, in an Indigenous way, to a worldwide audience.

Characters of Broome : Series 2

Characters of Broome : Series 2 Characters of Broome is a television series about individuals who come from the rich soil of grit and resolve. They are stories of determination and achievement, some quirky humorous recollections, but all about amazing people who have survived and thrived. Some of our characters are musicians, actors or artists,…

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In The Air

In The Air In The Air is a romantic comedy about the feisty camp cook Sue, a jealous, impulsive woman who just wants her man. But the man in question just wants a peaceful life with the seductive voice on radio to keep him company at night. This sends Sue into a tailspin and she…

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Songlines on Screen: Naji

Songlines on Screen: Naji A creation story from the Bugarregarre time, the Dreamtime, from the Goolarabooloo people of the West Kimberley Coast. PRODUCER: Jodie Bell WRITER: Dot West DIRECTOR: Kimberley West CAST: Richard Hunter GENRE: Documentary YEAR: 2015 Other Productions

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Maap Mordak

Maap Mordak Maap Mordak is a story about a fair skinned Aboriginal girl who is upset and confused about her own identity. Twelve year old Sonia races home very upset after being teased about the colour of her skin. To her surprise she finds comfort and spiritual wisdom from her Nan. However, Nan in her…

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Songlines on Screen: Marrimarrigun

Songlines on Screen: Marrimarrigun Marrimarrigun is the story of two young men hunting in the Marrar country, and who get ripped from the land by the notoriously ferocious and fast tides. Stranded on an island, the boys are saved and protected by Marrimarri, the giant spirit man and his daughters. As their family mourns them,…

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Our Story: Yulleroo

Our Story: Yulleroo Yulleroo is the story of Micklo Corpus, Yawuru Traditional owner, who is spearheading the fight to protect his country from hydraulic fracking. PRODUCER: Jodie Bell WRITER & DIRECTOR: Bessy May Taylor CAST: Micklo Corpus GENRE: Documentary YEAR: 2018 Other Productions

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Fishing PRODUCER: Jodie Bell WRITER/DIRECTOR: Gary Hamaguchi CAST: Isaiha Robinson, Stephen W.B. Pigram GENRE: Drama YEAR: 2018 Other Productions

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Doug the Human

Doug the Human PRODUCER: Jodie Bell WRITER: Gary Hamaguchi DIRECTOR: Gary Hamaguchi CAST: Gabriel Willie GENRE: Drama YEAR: 2019 Other Productions

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