Songlines on Screen: Marrimarrigun

Marrimarrigun is the story of two young men hunting in the Marrar country, and who get ripped from the land by the notoriously ferocious and fast tides. Stranded on an island, the boys are saved and protected by Marrimarri, the giant spirit man and his daughters. As their family mourns them, the boys are put through Law by Marrimarri and marry his daughters before bring taken on a spiritual journey back to the mainland. The spirits of the boys can be seen in the Laja and Man-gala time, walking along the beach spearing.


  • PRODUCER: Jodie Bell
  • WRITERS: Dianne Appleby, Dot West
  • DIRECTOR: Kimberley West
  • CAST: Dianne Appleby, Jimmy Edgar, Melanie Edgar, Wayne Edgar, Tremaine Hart, Ella Clements, Zaiazlyn Hart, Pamela Sahanna, Janet Cox, Iranaess (Eric) Cox, Taj Jamieson, Savannah Cox, Paul Edgar, Angelica James, Jace West, Andrew James, Janelle Edgar, Kumin Sahanna, Maya Shioji, Stephen Hutchinson, Isobel Varney, Sapphire Cox, Kobe Hart, Lei-Lani Hart, Azalea Brown, Mervyn Mulardy, Jeremiah Walker, Nathaniel Spratt, Patrick Shovellor Jnr
  • GENRE: Documentary
  • YEAR: 2017
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