Saturday 26th June


Tour bus leaving from Goolarri Media


Tour one leaving at 11:30am

Tour two leaving at 2:15pm

Duration: 2h


Venue to be included in the public town bus route for drop off.

Car parking available at the venue with additional parking available in the St Mary’s Secondary Guy Street entrance.


The tour is outside so make sure to bring a hat, sun screen, enclosed footwear and a water bottle.

An On Country experience that will open your eyes to Country and the Culture of the Yawuru.

We are excited to host two tours from Mabu Buru tours. Local Yawuru, Karrajarri, Nyul Nyul and Bardi man, Johani will take two tours on country to experience and learn about the Yawuru Country, Culture, Traditional lifestyle, and connection to country.

Traditionally known as a place of healing, the Yawuru Coastline is an area of cultural and ecological significance.

An area abundant in plants traditionally used for medicine, food and making tools , you could say that the Yawuru coastline is our own ancient supermarket, hardware store and pharmacy. Yawuru is also the birth place of many Bugarrigarra (Dreamtime stories), some of which are shared on our tours.