Barefoot Catwalk is a factual observational series about the journey of young Indigenous women from remote Australia entering the glamourous world of modelling.


The series will profile six of the thirty entrants to the Kimberley Pilbara Girl Program who must learn to negotiate their own lives within this new world to realise their dreams.


Some have never worn make-up or high heels, and many have the weight of their communities on their young shoulders. Observational filming coupled with personal video diaries will provide a broad yet intimate window into the lives of these entrants as they make this exciting and life changing journey. For most of them just being on the journey is enough, for others, they want to win the crown of Kimberley Pilbara Girl 2016.


From humble beginnings the Kimberley Girl Program began in 2004 when ex model Kira Fong returned home to Broome wanting to create a platform for the shy yet stunningly beautiful young Indigenous women to shine and be proud.  Since this time, the program has expanded to the Pilbara region, spawned leaders, mentors and most importantly, confident women who have blazed a trail for others to follow.


 It is here that this 13 part series will begin. Through archival footage and interviews with past winners, mentors and Kira, we will learn about this program whilst they busily prepare for the start of the 2016 season.


Episode two onwards we get to know the six profiled entrants as they contemplate entering this program, they’ve heard so much about it, their older sisters, aunties and cousins have entered previously. In fact for many, this journey has become a rite of passage for young Indigenous women who ultimately undertake a leadership program that culminates in a modelling shoot and a catwalk parade in front of hundreds of people.


The series will follow the six profiled entrants as they attend gruelling workshops of deportment, insightful and life changing personal development sessions and form lifelong friendships with other entrants as they participate in the heats.


Their video diaries will provide a platform to express themselves freely and reflect on their journey to the finals and beyond.


The video diaries will provide the audience with an intimate glimpse into the entrant’s lives, communities and culture.


The young women come from a diversity of communities and environments, traditional and contemporary, all dealing with their position in the world. Whether its communities steeped in drug and alcohol abuse, entrants rubbing shoulders with the rich at boarding school or mothers before their time, they all want to make a difference.


The series will spend time with the other entrants including the program organisers, families and friends of the six women.


The mentors, previous winners and various role models will provide insight and guidance to this new crop of entrants as they learn to stride confidently towards their goals.


Barefoot Catwalk is more than a beauty pageant, it’s about young women fighting the odds to make a better place for themselves and their communities.


Series Producer Ramu Productions

Jodie Bell


Series Producer Mediabox Productions

Ray Pedretti


Series Consultant

Kira Fong


Jodie Bell



Kira Fong