GTV is the Indigenous owned open narrowcast television service of Goolarri Media Enterprises and its parent organization Broome Aboriginal Media Association.


GTV operates under class licences in accordance with the provisions of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 and will comply with the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA) Code of Practice for narrowcast television.  This code includes general guidelines for programming, handling complaints and classification and placement of programming.


The operations of GTV are located on Yawuru land.  The services of GTV will be respectful of the needs and aspirations of the Traditional Owners but will also strive to support and respect the needs of other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the stations broadcast footprint.


GTV does not receive operational funding and completely relies on project based funding for the production and broadcast of programs, infotainment and advertising.  GTV adopts the following principal and objectives in targeting these funds.


The principal function of GTV is to provide a high quality, cost effective television service that reflects, informs, educates and entertains the people within its broadcast footprint.


In performing this principal function, GTV will:


  • Contribute to the revitalization and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and Culture.
  • Contribute to the Social, Cultural and Emotional Wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artistic expression, people and way of life whilst providing an avenue for all Australians.
  • Be respectful and comply with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural protocols as well as adhering to the principles of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) rights.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of heritage and promotion of the Broome community.
  • Have regard to the needs of all residing within the broadcast footprint including youth and children.
  • Provide a balanced commentary on community issues.
  • Support and promote the diverse multicultural community.
  • Digitize Culture and community through the recording and where appropriate broadcasting of these stories.


Provide a broadcast avenue for all filmmakers who comply with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols and the ASTRA open narrow cast television Codes of Practice.


Content delivery for broadcast on GTV


  • Digital File via USB Hard Drive
  • Cloud Service
  • DVD
  • DV/HDV tape
  • DVCPro/DVCPro50 tape
  • Betacam SP tape
  • Video Codecs

    • Animation No
    • Apple Intermediate Codec No
    • Apple Pixlet Video No
    • Apple ProRes 422 Family Yes
    • Apple ProRes 4444 Yes
    • AVC-Intra (50 & 100) Yes
    • AVCHD Yes
    • Avid DNxHD Yes
    • DV-PAL Yes
    • DVCPro-PAL Yes
    • DVCPro HD Yes
    • DVCPro 50 Yes
    • Flash No
    • H.264 Yes
    • HDV Yes
    • JPEG 2000 No
    • MPEG IMX (30/40/50) Yes
    • MPEG-2 Yes
    • MPEG-4 Video Yes
    • None Yes
    • Photo-JPEG Yes
    • Uncompressed Yes
    • XDCAM EX Yes
    • XDCAM HD Yes
    • XDCAM HD422 Yes
  • Audio Codecs

    • AAC Yes
    • Apple Lossless Yes
    • MP2 Yes
    • MP3 Yes
    • Linear PCM Yes
  • Video Wrappers

    • AVI Yes
    • DV Yes
    • M2T Yes
    • M2V Yes
    • M4P No
    • M4V Yes
    • MP2 Yes
    • MP4 Yes
    • MPEG Yes
    • MPG Yes
    • MXF OP1a Yes
    • MXF OP-Atom No
    • QuickTime Yes
    • Transport Stream Yes
  • Stills Codecs

    • BMP Yes
    • PSD Yes
    • GIF Yes
    • Only the first image
    • Dicom No
    • EPS No
    • IFF No
    • JPEG Yes
    • JPEG 2000 Yes
    • PCX No
    • PDF No
    • Photoshop Raw No
    • Pixar No
    • PNG Yes
    • Portable Bit Map No
    • Targa Yes
    • TIFF Yes

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